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Kalikund Steel & Engineering Co. & Tubes regard Quality in our  Products, we have 3 levels to check quality of our products like duplex flanges and super duplex Flanges
duplex fasteners and super duplex fasteners ,
 duplex socket weld fittings and super duplex Socket weld Fittings , 
duplex ferrule fittings and super duplex ferrule fittings , 
duplex butt weld fittings and super duplex Butt weld fittings

We also regard quality in process, filing, e data management, quality in communications, Quality in customer feedback, Quality in procurement of raw materials, we also believe that  Health & Safety as vital to the business. To reflect this Kalikund Steel & Engineering (approved 2008)  ISO9001; 2008, Our commitment to Quality and Health & safety is reinforced by the fact that their importance is emphasized to new members of staff during induction. Staff is encouraged to bring to the attention of management any concerns/suggestions they have to improve both areas.

Management hold regular review meetings in which both Quality and Health & safety are discussed with actions determined as and when required. These include reviews of internal audits, corrective actions, supplier performance etc, as well as any health and safety matters.

Regular staff meetings are also held during which both subjects are discussed and actions taken as required.

As with quality Management commitment to Health and Safety is shown by our Health & safety policy statement and that all staff are encouraged to bring to management’s attention any concerns. Staff goes through regular Health checkups, to ensure they are fully conversant with our policy and procedures, know what to do in the event of an accident or evacuation, which are trained in first aid etc


All nickel base alloy stock held by Kalikund Steel & Engineering & Tubes is tested in accordance with respective ASTM ASME standards and international specifications such as Norsok MDS, Shell MESC and ES-247. We use NAMAS/UKAS approved test houses on a subcontract basis for any further testing requirements at Kalikund Steel & Engineering we arrange any third party Test as required by our customers

Destructive Testing

  • Product Analysis (in house) 
  • G48 Corrosion Test (Third Party Inspection) 
  • Micrographic Examination (Third Party Inspection) 
  • Ferrite and Phase count (Third Party Inspection) 
  • Charpy Impact Test (Third Party Inspection) 
  • Tensile Test (third Party Inspection) 

Non Destructive Testing

  • Dye Penetrant Testing (third Party Inspection) 
  • Ultrasonic Testing (third Party Inspection) 
  • Hardness Check ( In house )
  • Ferrite check ( In House )
  • PMI ( In house )

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